Thin Film and Wiped Film evaporators

A process for demanding media

The Thin Film- and Wiped Film evaporator is a high-performance apparatus for the distillation of liquid mixtures.
To reduce the boiling points of the products to be evaporated, the working pressure in the UIC Thin Film and Wiped Film evaporators can be lowered to approx. 1 mbar. The low evaporation temperature and the short residence time under boiling conditions minimize the thermal stress on the products and make the UIC Thin Film and Wiped Film evaporators a gentle distillation solution for complex separation tasks.


Take a look at typical applications

Mode of operation

The evaporator consists of a heated cylinder into which the stock mixture to be distilled is fed. It flows gravimetrically along the inner wall of the evaporator as a product film in the direction of the discharge. A specially developed wiper system inside ensures that the liquid media film is thin, turbulent and evenly distributed. This ensures good heat and mass transfer, so that slightly boiling substances evaporate quickly from the film surface. Due to the very short residence time in the apparatus, the thermal load on the substances is minimal.
The now vaporous components, the vapors, are then deposited outside the evaporator, on a so-called external condenser.


Capacity limits

  • Capacity: 0.1 kg/h up to several t/h
  • Minimum operating pressure: up to 1 mbar
  • Maximum viscosity at operating temperature: 75,000 mPas
  • Product residence time: less than 1 minute at boiling conditions

Constructive features

  • Heat exchange surface: 0.05 m² to 103m²
  • Apparatus and plants also available in laboratory and pilot scale
  • Use of the Thin Film and Wiped Film evaporator as reboiler for rectification columns possible
  • Selection of different wiper systems
  • design according to ATEX, electrically hazardous or GMP guidelines possible