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UIC is a leading global supplier of distillation plants for the gentle distillation of liquid mixtures. The heart of our state-of-the-art plants are Thin Film evaporators and Short Path evaporators. In our innovation centre, we develop individual process solutions, starting with laboratory and pilot tests through to the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of complete plants.

Thanks to our 70 years of experience and innovation leadership, we are able to offer our customers reliable and customised solutions.
As a subsidiary of VTA Verfahrenstechnische Anlagen GmbH & Co. KG and as part of the STREICHER Group, we are a strong and long-term partner.
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"With experience and innovative developments, we meet all challenges and offer distillation plants as a process solution."
Oliver Stoll, General Manager

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UIC GmbH is a leading expert in the fields of Thin Film evaporation and Short Path distillation. Our continuous innovative strength and many years of experience enable us to find excellent solutions for complex separation tasks. We design and manufacture plants on laboratory, pilot and industrial scale to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Our high-performance plants are particularly effective in cleaning, concentration, removal of low boilers, colour improvement and drying of thermally sensitive products
and ensure the highest quality standards.
In addition, we offer our customers the possibility of carrying out contract distillation at our parent company, VTA GmbH & Co. KG, in order to cover product development on an industrial scale or to be able to bridge capacity bottlenecks at the customer. The combination of our own process development and high vertical integration enables us to offer our customers outstanding quality and customised solutions.

Innoavtion Center

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Locations and representatives

Our company operates internationally and is proud to support customers around the world with our first-class service and high-quality products. We strive to ensure the highest quality by combining our expertise in development, design and manufacturing at our headquarters in Alzenau-Hörstein, Germany.

Our focus is on customer satisfaction. That's why we have always expanded our presence throughout the globe to ensure that we can provide you with the best possible support for your projects.
Whether you are in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, or any other industry, we are your trusted partner to assist you worldwide.
Our headquarter in Germany offers production and manufacturing in one central location.
We use the latest technologies and methods to monitor quality and ensure our products meet the highest standards.

Numbers & Facts


23 representatives worldwide


 70 years of experience


Over 2,000 plants in operation worldwide


Successfully completed customer projects

Our History

Starting with the first development for vacuum distillation in 1952 at Leybold in Cologne, Germany, we have gained decades of experience in thermal separation and created innovations in Short Path distillation. Over the years, UIC grew steadily and developed into a leading global supplier of equipment for the gentle distillation of liquid mixtures. With an experienced team of engineers, technicians and service staff, we focus on continuous development and growth in order to provide our customers with the best solutions in the field of thermal separation processes worldwide.



Leybold-Hochvakuum-Anlagen, Cologne carries out the first developments. This is the birth of Short Path distillation.



First customer trial carried out in the Innovation Centre



Leybold-Heraeus is created from the merger of Leybold-Hochvakuum-Anlagen with Hochvakuum Heraeus. With this merge, the Short Path distillation division moves to Hanau



UIC Inc. (USA), which is active in the aerospace industry, takes over the Short Path distillation division and founds Utopical Instruments Corporation (UIC) GmbH.


Takeover of the company shares by own management (MBO)



Takeover of UIC GmbH by BDI BioDiesel International AG



Takeover of UIC by VTA Verfahrenstechnische Anlagen GmbH & Co. KG