Industrial Units

Process development and plant construction for industrial production

UIC's large-scale industrial plants for Thin Film or Wiped Film distillation and Short Path distillation, are individually designed according to the needs of our customers.
Plant design and process development are based on initial feasibility studies and the data generated from pilot trials in our innovation centre.
This enables us to provide guarantees for product qualities and yields.
Our industrial plants are customised and can be delivered turnkey, depending on our customers' requirements. A simple component supply completes our portfolio.



Available technologies on an industrial scale:

  • Thin Film evaporator (horizontal and vertical)
  • Short Path evaporator
  • Various wiping systems selected according to product characteristics
  • Degasser
  • Rectification column operated with a Thin Film evaporator as reboiler
  • Multi-stage distillation plants: e.g. combinations of several Short Path evaporators, several Thin Film evaporators, combinations of both technologies
  • Washing condenser and washing cold trap

Characteristic features

  • Capacity: up to triple digit t/h
  • Operation pressure: 0.001mbar to 100mbar
  • Heating surface: up to approx. 100m²
  • Material: stainless steel, other materials/special alloys on request
  • Various wiping systems available
  • ATEX , electrically hazardous, GMP and hygienic design: possible

Why industrial plant from UIC?

Continuous production on an industrial scale


Execution of the industrial plant according to the requirements of our customers


From the initial feasibility study to the industrial plant - everything from a single source


Process solutions for highest product quality, purity and yields


Plant Examples

Three stage package unit including control system,
Application: pharmaceuticals


Thin Film evaporator unit according to the customer’s GMP and ATEX requirements,
Application: pharmaceuticals


Six stage Short Path distillation unit,
Application: oils & fats


Two stage distillation unit,
Application: polymers