Short Path Distillators

Maximum product protection through distillation in high vacuum

The very low evaporation temperature and short residence time under boiling conditions reduce the thermal load on the products, which makes the UIC Short Path evaporator an effective process for distillation.
Thanks to the short distance, the evaporated component travels during the process, as the condenser is directly inside the evaporator,
the operation pressure in the Short Path evaporator can be reduced to approx. 0.001 mbar.
In this vacuum range, the boiling points of the components to be evaporated can be reduced even further than in a Thin Film evaporator or Wiped Film evaporator.

Take a look at typical applications

Mode of operation

At the beginning of the separation process, the mixture to be distilled flows gravimetrically as a liquid film down the inner wall of the cylindrical evaporator to the discharge section. Inside, a specially developed wiper system ensures that the liquid film is distributed thinly, turbulently and evenly. This ensures good heat and mass transfer, so low boiling substances evaporating easily from the film surface. The thermal load on the substances is minimal due to the very short dwell time in the apparatus.
A special feature of this design is the internally arranged condenser where the evaporated component is condensed.  The "short distance" that the vapour phase travels to the condenser results in only a small pressure loss, so that extremely low pressures can be achieved.


Capacity limits

  • Capacity: 0.1 kg/h up to several t/h
  • Minimum operating pressure: up to 0.001 mbar
  • Maximum viscosity at operating temperature: 20,000 mPas
  • Product residence time: less than 1 minute at boiling conditions

Construction features

  • Heat exchange surface: 0.05 m² to 103m²
  • Equipment and systems also available in laboratory and pilot scale
  • Different wiper systems available
  • Design according to ATEX, electrically hazardous or GMP guidelines possible