Laboratory Units

The solid base

Our laboratory units, Thin Film evaporators DSL and Short Path evaporators KDL, are oftentimes used in research and development laboratories,
where they are used for a variety of distillation tasks. They have a modular design and allow flexible adaptation to a wide variety of tasks.

With throughputs of only approx. 100 grams per hour, our smallest laboratory units are especially suitable for applications where often only small quantities of a product mixture is available.
Our larger laboratory systems, can also be used for small-volume production of up to 10 kilograms per hour.

The core components of all our laboratory systems are made of borosilicate glass. This is chemically inert and also resistant to corrosive media.
A major advantage of a glass plant is that it allows direct observation of the distillation process.

Does the distillation is going well or is there possible foaming to be observed, other unwanted changes or even decomposition of the product?
These are important findings that can also be gained during feasibility tests in our innovation centre for the development of your processes.

Standard sizes of UIC laboratory units - Thin Film evaporator DSL and Short Path evaporator KDL

Characteristic features

  • Capacity: 0.2kg/h to 10kg/h
  • Heated surface: 0.01m² to 0.3m²
  • Max. Heating temperature: 350°C
    (medium: thermal oil)
  • Operation pressure: 0.001mbar to 1mbar
    (Short Path distillator), 1mbar to 100mbar
    (Thin Film or Wiped Film evaporator)
  • Material: borosilicate glass

Why distillation on a laboratory scale?

Different models available, covering different requirements


Optionally adaptable to your distillation goals and products


Execution of feasibility studies for new product development


Product development and small-scale production on a kilogram scale


Quick and easy commissioning and operation


Plant Examples

Smallest available Short Path distillation unit


Typ KDL5
Totally jacketed design with discharge pumps for continuous operation


Typ KDL5 & KDL5
Multistage Short Path
distillation plant


Typ DSL5
Partially jacketed single stage
Thin Film evaporator plant