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THC Distillation

Ever since cannabis has been released as remedy in various countries, the economic interest in this natural product started growing. Since March 2017 cannabis can also be prescribed as medicine in Germany.

The interesting components therefore are the cannabinoids THC (Δ-TetraHydroCannabidiol) and CBD (CannaBiDiol). Both cannabinoids occur in different contents in the cannabis plant, depending on the particular type.

One main task is to gain the high quality THC and CBD from the cannabis plant with help of a thermal separation process. The necessary process steps can be executed with help of the short path distillation of UIC GmbH


  1. Separation of the solvent and easy-volatile waxes from the plant

  2. Heating of the sensitive product with a molecular distillation

  3. Separation of THC and CBD => thin film evaporator with rectification column


The medical THC is applied in different forms. Presently available dosage forms are e.g. vaporizing of grounded duds or oral administration of extracts. These extracts will be consumed in form of a throat spray, oils or drops.

Areas of application:

THC acts psychoactive and is used among other things to treat allergies, in pain therapy, for anxiety disorders, for eating disorder, migraine and also in cancer therapy.
CBD is used e.g. in food, creams, shampoos and body lotions as it does not act psychoactive (but nevertheless encourages reactions of the nervous system in the human body)


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