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BDI BioEnergy International AG is the sole shareholder of UIC. As a pioneer and world market leader in the conversion of low-valued feedstock into valuable biofuels, BDI has leveraged and utilized UIC's capacities in the area of vacuum distillation since its beginnings. UIC continues to be a crucial technology partner to BDI.

In typical cooperation projects UIC engineers and manufactures multi-stage distillation components for BDI's large-scale biodiesel plants according to challenging performance requirements. As a special feature such distillation units may be equipped with a patented fractionation insert which has been developped by our partner VTU Engineering. It significantly boosts process performance and is exclusively marketed by UIC.

Moreover, BDI and UIC are jointly marketing a unique solution offering for the production and processing of Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil.

With our shared focus on a worldwide market, BDI and UIC routinely align their marketing and sales activities and synergize their go-to-market activities.

Based on BDI's success and worldwide recognition an increasing focus has been put on additional and complementary technological initiatives. As a result the BDI Group emerged as a framework of affiliated companies with a unique set of competencies and solution offerings:

AutomationX enbasys eposc
M&R proionic VTU

As a valued member of this technology framework UIC is in a position to leverage this broader portfolio of competencies and ressources and hence to significantly scale up its capacities in targeting challenging technology projects.