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Thin Film Evaporation

Thin-Film Evaporator

Thinfilm evaporators are characterized by an external condenser. Compared to shortparth distillation units, they operate at higher pressures (1…100 mbar). One of their prime application areas is the separation of large quantities of components with high volatility.

The vapour nozzle is typically arranged at the upper end of the evaporator in order to facilitate the transfer of the vapours to the external condenser. For special applications a thinfilm evaporator may also be combined with a rectification column.

UIC offers a borosilicate glass unit DSL 5 with 0.056 m² evaporator surface for lab usage. Partially and totally heatable versions are available. The standard wiper basket is made of stainless steel (1.4571) but can also be fabricated from hastelloy or tantalum.

The label "RF n" characterizes thinfilm distillation units made from stainless steel (1.4571). "n" measures the size of the evaporator and may run from 6 to 4500 corresponding to evaporator surfaces ranging from 0.06 m² up to 45 m².

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Lab-size DSL 5 Thin-Film Evaporator Thin Film Evaporator with downstream rectification column RF 10 Thin Film Evaporator with external condenser Vapor Nozzle and Wiper Basket of an RF 4500 Thin Film Evaporator