Competence in Vacuum Distillation.

The UIC brand stands for almost six decades of experience and market leadership in vacuum distillation. This comprises components and plants for the gentle thermal separation of liquid mixtures by means of distillation under fine vacuum conditions. More than 2000 plants have been delivered to customers all over the world and successfully put into operation. As a spin-off of the short-path distillation division of the former company Leybold-Heraeus, UIC has always been recognized as a pioneer and a market leader in the design, configuration, fabrication and commissioning of short path and thin film evaporators


As their competent partner, we accompany our customers during the entire lifecycle of their respective objectives in process technology. Based on extensive feasibility studies in our test lab and upscaling trials on one of our customizable pilot plants our engineering department develops the detailed specifications for a production unit. In addition to technical aspects due consideration is also given to commercial aspects including both capital expenditures and operating expense. In cooperation with our certified partners we fabricate and commission our plants in accordance with preset standards and uncompromising quality. Specific requirements like compliance with GMP, GAMP or ATEX can be supported if necessary. We can also offer plants made from special materials like hastelloy or tantalum. Our modular framework facilitates the design and the assembly of multi-stage units and the flexible integration of additional components like, e.g., degassers, rectification columns, etc.

Our solution offering for the planning and realization of production-scale vacuum distillation units is complemented by a broad spectrum of lab- and pilot units. Our after sales services include provisioning of spare parts, maintenance services and the adaptation and optimization of your distillation plant to changing target settings. On a smaller scale we may also offer toll distillations and plants for rent.

The spectrum of potential applications for shortpath and thinfilm distillation is remarkably broad. It includes applications in the area of fine chemistry as well as intermediates in pharmacy and cosmetics. Other applications focus on the production of various precursors in the field of synthetic materials and fibers. In the area of food and food ingredients prominent classes of substances include monoglycerides, oils and fats, and particularly the production of omega-3 fatty acids from fishoil. Another big field of applications for shortpath and thinfilm distillation is in the area of mineral oils and bio-diesel.